The reckless rest

So, 1 year and a couple of months later I decided to tell you the rest about this journey which my human Amy calls our biking ”vacation”. I can assure you she speaks of this trip a lot more highly now than she did during. Back then there was a lot more swearing involved as … Fortsätt läsa The reckless rest

Helping hands

Take yesterday, imagine it the opposite and you have today. The morning was horrible, I was ripped out of my sleep just to get tossed back into the trailer. It was still raining and everything was wet but very soon we crossed the border to Poland and the mood seemed to get a lot better … Fortsätt läsa Helping hands

Mad and miserable

Yesterday started out awesome! We went down a very cozy bike trail along the river and the humans were in a good mood. Even though they misread my signs of needing to do my morning business as wanting to run (which I really didn’t) I enjoyed the for once pretty calm ride. Breakfast turned out … Fortsätt läsa Mad and miserable